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Bowie Lau

A Technology Angel Investor in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and IoT.

Founder, MaGESpire – Technology Education and Advisory venture for startups operating in Blockchain space.

Founder of MaGESpire Community Meetup HK - A mission to foster genuine Blockchain Awareness and build strong Communities around meaningful Blockchain projects.

Active member of Female Entrepreneur Worldwide, FinTech Association of Hong Kong (also a member of the Blockchain Committee).

Advises interesting Blockchain Token projects in areas of Strategy, Tokenomics and Community Engagement.

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Anil Kudalkar

Anil is an Investment Banking and Capital Markets Risk Professional, and active member of the FTAHK - Fintech Association of Hongkong, Blockchain, RegTech & AI/Big Data committees and also a Keynote Speaker / panelist at various events.

Anil was former head of Business Risk & Control, Asia Prime Brokerage and Equity Financing, at JPMorgan with previous senior positions at Deutsche Bank AG, Morgan Stanley and the NSE (National Stock Exchange of India)

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Nagu Thogiti

Nagu Thogiti (督一心), a Mathematician and a computer scientist with Cryptography and Artificial Intell

Nagu is a Mathematician and a computer scientist with Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence (20+ years) background. He is a certified professional from MIT (FinTech, Cybersecurity, AI, IOT) and member of American mathematical Society and IEEE.

He was a blockchain and protocol security advisor for the several blockchain startups (WandX, DropDeck, Rublix, Matryx, Tack, KapelX, DiamondChain). He was blockchain protocol security engineering and smart contracts security auditor for several blockchain projects (GoToken, Science blockchain token, Protos token, GoNetwork, WandX, Tack, KapelX).  

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